sup guys, it's Abi here, i'm sorry for not updating my blog i went for a marathon to raise money for breast cancer, it was a 6.6km run\walk marathon, i almost gave up but i feel so happy know knowing i've done something good.
this is for all the girls out there go to doctor for check ups regularly, breast cancer is a serious thing so pls pls pls help raise money for breast cancer.
Also i would like to mention that for every week i'm going to give a quote of the week and every day there is going to be a # of the day and today's # is #beawareofcancer and the quote of the week is in order to succeed you have to fail.
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SCHOOL LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sup guys, it's abixoxox here and I'll be posting my first ever post and your going to be hearing more from me every Saturday when i  update my blog. when your done reading please comment down below

To start of i would like to say the good things about school .you have your friends, drama,gist,events,and that class clown that always makes you laugh.

I'm sorry i don't have that much time now i would talk about the bad things on my next post.

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